High Intensity PEMF Therapy

High Intensity PEMF Therapy

High-Intensity PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) Therapy is important to accelerate healing for any kind of pain, recovery from injury, nerve damage, and bone healing. High-Intensity PEMF therapy uses a clinical grade PEMF device. Low-Intensity (LI) PEMF Home units such as the Bemer, iMRS, QRS and others are very different (and much less expensive) than a clinical HI-PEMF unit. The High-Intensity (HI) PEMF units are used by professional football teams, Olympic athletes and have veterinary and equine applications and are used to accelerate recovery in elite horse racing.

The CDA Health Center offers the unique HU=GO TM High-Intensity PEMF's which has Dual PEMF Mats for a full body magnetic therapy session, as well as accessory coils for additional areas of injury, pain or tension. The PEMF Dual Mats offer a total body magnetic therapy session in just 12 minutes. The HU=GO PEMF device uses Tesla nano-second spark gap technology to provide the cells with free electrons and ions that help to recharge, energize and detoxify the body. This technology is used by professional athletes for recovery and to improve athletic performance by promoting the production of ATP in the mitochondria of the cell and providing energy and nutrients deep into the body, increase circulation, decreases inflammation and accelerates healing and recovery.

HI-PEMF also provides a deep organ massage and eliminates adhesion's (scar tissue/blockages) in the fascia. HI-PEMF also promotes better absorption of nutrients.

Full body Ozone therapy and Far Infrared can be combined with HI-PEMF using its pulsed magnetic field for rapid and excellent natural healing results these therapies complement each other synergistically.

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