Nutrition & Supplement Consultation

Nutrition & Supplement Consultation

The path to wellness is paved with good intentions to eat right, exercise, practice mindfulness, etc. But in the hectic day-to-day, we sometimes let our health fall by the wayside as we try to juggle everything on our plates. We'll work to balance your bodies hormone, digestion, detoxification, immune, and energy production systems with diet, lifestyle, and supplements to support the healing process.

We develop a program that is completely unique to you. This means we approach you as an individual and consider your whole health picture rather than focusing simply on any condition you may have. A diagnosis from a doctor may appear similar among individuals, but everyone is unique and different and is considered so in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in our Holistic Nutrition and Supplement recommendations.

Areas of your health we consider:

  • Optimizing healthy energy levels
  • Supporting healthy weight
  • Promoting emotional & psychological well being
  • Supporting healthy hormonal systems and life stages, including PMS, thyroid disorders & menopause
  • Supporting healthy fertility & pregnancy
  • Optimizing a healthy digestion system
  • Helping to promote tolerance to a wide range of foods
  • Supporting routes of elimination & detoxification
  • Supporting a healthy immune system
  • and More!

Drop us a note, give us a call, text us 208.625.0538 or come in and speak with us today! We are here to harness your natural healing power!

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The CDA Health Center offers the latest healing technologies High-Intensity PEMF Therapy, Transdermal Ozone Therapy with Far Infrared, and traditional Acupuncture therapies.
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Dr. Parker has been a licensed Acupuncturist for over 30 years and is the first female acupuncturist credentialed where she served on the faculty of the University of Arizona.
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